Produce Marketing

Marketing fresh fruit and vegetables

Blue Fruit International is a business run by an experienced team who are committed to providing the highest quality service.

We have a unique understanding of the market place through our large supply and customer base enabling us to give complete customer satisfaction.

Where possible we try to work exclusive branded products of the highest quality standard from our established approved world-wide supply chain.

Blue Fruit International has a lot to offer by supplying not just the product, but the advice and information which is vital in today’s competitive and changing environment.

Customers include :

  • Wholesale Markets
  • Food Manufactures
  • Food Service Sector
  • Discounters
  • Retailers.

Our Products

Blue Fruit International is in the unusual position of being able to supply the complete range of fruit and vegetables. Due to our large supply base we can source everything that is required. Our team offers vast experience when it comes to promoting fresh produce, dealing directly with growers and importers all over the world, both large and small. We understand how getting the best possible prices and returns at every step of the chain can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

We can supply and deliver small quantities or full lorries depending on your requirements.

All produce is procured for the exact customer requirements ensuring quality and freshness on a daily regular basis. We also arrange direct deliveries of produce from Europe, tailor made to suit the individual customers requirements.

Blue Fruit International can source almost any fruit and vegetable from our suppliers throughout the world.





Exotic fruit




Whether it's seasonal vegetables, saladsor exotic fruit and veg from the far corners of the globe, our specialists can market highquality fresh produce for you on a daily basis. our logistics team can arrange small or full lorry deliveries to and from Europe as per your specific requirements and we'r always available to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Blue Fruit is committed to providing the highest quality service and we've built our reputation on doing exactly that. In short, we deliver results. Over three decades of experience provides our business with a unique understanding of the ever-evolving fresh produce industry.

Let Blue Fruit help you market your produce

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